Kedarnath Inc. was established in the year 2014 to set precedents in the area of extrusions of non-ferrous metals. The unit is set up at Jamnagar, the city known as "Brass City of India". Today, the persistent demand for our products, which has enhanced our enormous manufacturing capacity, amply confirms our corporate vision. We manufacture various types of Copper Alloy Extrusions and Brass Extrusions, Brass Hollow Rods, Round Extrusion Rods, Hexagonal Extrusion Rods, Brass Square Extrusion Rods, Brass Flat Extrusion Rod, Brass Round Knurling Rods, Brass Billets, Extrusions Profiles, Brass Ingots, Copper Alloys Extrusions, Copper Alloy Billets and Brass Components in conformation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM, etc. These Free Cutting Rods finds application in the manufacturing of various precision components, like Pinions, Shafts, Gears, Lock Bodies, Hardware Parts, Header Screws, Nuts, etc.

Who We Are

We manufacture Brass Extrusions including extruded brass rods, extruded brass section, and extruded brass profiles in conformation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM etc. These Brass Extrusions finds application in the manufacture of Brass Components.

Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap. copper alloy extrusions, extruded brass rod, extruded profile, extruded section, brass and copper scrap. zinc ingots, brass extrusions, rods, sections, profiles, honey scrap, buyer of scrap, birch copper scrap, copper scrap, manufacturer, exporter, importer, scrap importer, jamnagar, india.

Manufacturing Process

Kedarnath Inc. begins the manufacturing process with best quality imported brass scrap mixed with virgin metals to ensure flexibility in meeting changing customer requirements. Cast Billets are subjected to test with optical emission Spectrometer to certify exact chemistry required by the customer. Extrusion of these casted billets produces defect free material in the shapes of round, hex , squares, flats and hollow forms in pre-defined lengths. The extruded material is then pickled to prepare the surface for cold-drawing. Finishing die reduces the cross section to obtain precise tolerances. Surface finishing, straightening, machinability, physical and mechanical properties are improved through the process to meet specific customer requirements.

Kedarnath Inc. is fully equipped with Grinding, Drilling, and Threading, Automatic and Semi-Automatic machines and CNC machines along with testing equipments such as calipers, all standard gauges with “GO” and “NO GO” threads, gauges, micrometers, electronic verniers and profile projectors which ensures us to manufacture the components as per specific tolerance and quality. Over the years we have developed a wide variety of products, samples of which are available upon request.